Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8 - John Paul Getty III

Oh Paul. He was a rebellious one. So much so that when he was held for ransom after being kidnapped in Rome, his family thought he staged it himself. It wasn't until his ear was cut off and sent with a lock of his hair, that the situation was taken seriously. That happened on this day in 1973.

The kidnappers originally wanted $17M. I would have asked for an even $20M, but what do I know?  They were ignored and lowered their request to $3.2M, with the threat of further damage to poor Paul. His father finally agreed to pay, but would only agree to $2.2M, because that was the max amount that was tax deductible. He wound up having to pay $2.9M, and this is the best/worst part, he considered the extra $700K a loan to Paul, who had to pay it back at a 4% interest.

He did eventually have his ear surgically recreated (sort of), and then at age 19 he went on to have a kid whom he named after one of the three wise men, or a 12 liter wine bottle, which sounds way more awesome to me, actor Balthazar Getty.

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