Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5 - Green River Killer

I personally thought the Green River referred to Chicago River at St. Patrick's day. The bridge over it tried to kill me once. Marci and I were walking across and I looked down right as I was passing over a gap. I thought I was going to fall in (I am not dramatic), and I grabbed Marci's arm to save me. Luckily, everything was okay. Alas, this is not the Green River Killer.

I'm assuming that this was a sucky day in 2003 for Gary Ridgway because he pleaded guilty to 48 charges of aggravated 1st degree murder. Though, it was part of a plea bargain. Amazing that they will work out a plea with a guy who killed soooo many people, right? But I've watched enough Law & Order to know that's the only way you find out where the bodies are hidden.

His victims were mainly prostitutes. Their job sucks bad enough as is, and then they have this job-site danger as well? Where the hell is OSHA?

Ridgway helps to continue to prove my theory that you shouldn't trust people with wispy mustaches. Gross. He does, however, manage to break the mold of having "Lee" as a middle name. Barely though, as his full name is Gary Leon Ridgway. Come on, parents! Quit naming your kids so they grow up to be serial killers!

Anyway, you are probably not a hooker, nor a serial killer, and today is a Saturday, so I am thinking your day should look pretty good.


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  1. 1. No wispy mustache.
    2. Not a hooker.
    3. Not a serial killer.
    4. Today is, indeed, Saturday.

    I think I'm okay. Thanks for putting it in perspective!