Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3 - The Greensboro Massacre

1979 was facing a lot of civil unrest, particularly in North Carolina where on November 3, 1979 a group of protesters gathered to demonstrate. The Communist Workers Party (CWP) promoted their rally "Death to the Klan" heavily, and due to this a map of their path was easily accessible. 9 cars were loaded with firearms and Klan members, as well as American Nazis, made their way to the event where they shot into the crowd. 11 people were injured and 5 died, including Sandi Smith, a nurse, who was shot between the eyes while looking out from under cover. There was no police intervention. In fact, one officer escorted the Klan cars and the other officers were told by dispatch to take a break. Four television stations and one police officer recorded the scene.

After the Klansmen left, the police returned to arrest the remaining living protesters. This massacre was considered the “worst homicidal racial and political assaults of the era”. Of the sixteen finally arrested, only six were tried and acquitted. Not a single gunmen spent a day in jail.

So maybe you had a crappy day at work, but at least you were probably not shot at by a bunch of Klan members...

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